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Our team of data modeling experts has been helping states manage NIBRS data with Crime Insight Reporting (formerly known as Crime Perspective) since 2004. Crime Insight is built upon our combined expertise in crime statistics, UCR, NIBRS, data modeling and statistical analysis.

In recognizing significant architectural deficiencies in most state repository systems, Beyond 20/20 added the Repository to Crime Insight in 2013 to make crime data collection and management easier and more useful.

By housing the data in a multi-dimensional structure and pairing it with well-designed, user-friendly interfaces, far more detailed, relevant, complex and efficient analysis becomes possible with Crime Insight.

Crime Insight from Beyond 20/20

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Why work at Beyond 20/20?

At Beyond 20/20, you’ll be solving interesting problems and have the opportunity to help develop products you can be proud of.  We offer competitive salaries and an incredible benefits package.

As an industry leader, we work hard to keep it that way – which means we strongly value both reliability and innovation. It’s a good balance that’s reflected in our office culture and in the people who work here. You’ll find the Beyond 20/20 team to be friendly, productive, and professionally supportive.

Located between Little Italy and the Glebe near Dow’s Lake, our office is easy to get to by public transit, bike or car, and we’re walking distance to terrific restaurants and cafés. (A good thing, because we’re always keen to try a new place to eat.)

If you’re interested in applying to one of the positions listed below, kindly submit your CV and cover letter to careers@beyond2020.com. We will contact qualified applicants.

About Beyond 20/20

Beyond 20/20 is a software and systems company providing comprehensive data aggregation and transformation solutions. Our primary focus is the collection and analysis of crime data. Our clients are American State Uniform Crime Reporting programs, who collect crime data from the hundreds of police departments within the state, process the information, and pass it on to the FBI.

Our Crime Insight product is the accepted leader in this market for State Repository systems, providing the tools for state agencies to collect and validate crime data submissions and manage the process overall. Crime Insight is primarily a database application, with ETL tools for processing and managing files, along with an OLAP data model for reporting and analysis. There are also two web applications used to interact with the system.

Senior SQL Server Developer

Job Description

If you love developing databases, solving interesting problems, and pushing technical boundaries, then we have a great opportunity for you!

We are looking for a Senior SQL Server Developer with an expert level knowledge of SQL Server databases, architecture, standards, programming, and optimization techniques.  The successful candidate will build and maintain data flows and related processes, continually striving to optimize the product, increase automation, and improve both usability and documentation`.


As Senior SQL Server Developer, you will be expected to:

  • Optimize SQL queries being queried from front-end applications.
  • Create, maintain, and optimize stored procedures, databases, and ETL processes.
  • Develop, maintain, and support solutions for data analytics (SSAS), reporting (SSRS), and data integration (SSIS)
  • Create, modify, deploy, and browse Cubes with multiple fact measures and dimension hierarchies.
  • Meet programming standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer service standards; identifying work process improvements; and implementing new technology.
  • Lead technology decisions, including how products and features should be designed and developed.
  • Participate in discussions to understand requirements and estimate development effort.
  • Work through all levels of the software development life cycle, from analysis and prototyping, to implementation and support.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 5+ years of SQL programming experience
  • 5+ years of database design and architecture experience
  • Extensive knowledge in business modeling and data modeling
  • Expert knowledge of SQL Server component services (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)
  • Experience troubleshooting and resolving database integrity issues, performance issues, security issues, etc.
  • Experience writing complex data migration procedures
  • Experience importing and exporting data from non-SQL data sources such as Excel or delimited flat files
  • Experience using Visual Studio
  • In-depth knowledge of a programming language (such as C#, JAVA)
  • Well-rounded interpersonal skills and the ability to discuss technical issues with non-technical people

Brownie Points

  • Experience with ETL methodologies
  • Knowledge of Agile/Scrum
  • JIRA
  • XML and JSON

Business Analyst / Project Manager

Job Description

Do you have a passion for numbers and enjoy looking for patterns and relationships?  Do you like working with customers to understand their needs and to ensure that they get solid solutions?  If so, we have an awesome opportunity with your name written all over it!

We are looking for an outstanding Business Analyst with expertise in designing and verifying data models, along with some customer relationship experience.  The successful candidate will be the driving force behind new client implementations, managing the project, designing any new required data models, and verifying that the outcome meets client requirements.


As Business Analyst and Project Manager, you will be expected to:

  • Act as the primary point of contact for clients and be a strong advocate for clients internally
  • Work with prospects and clients to gain a detailed understanding of their business requirements, especially with regards to data layout and content
  • Work with the Crime Insight Product Manager to convert business requirements into technical requirements
  • Gain, maintain and continue to develop a deep understanding of crime data, and use this expertise to:
    • Develop data models
    • Specify how data should be presented
  • Review the output from developers to verify accuracy of the content
  • Provide ongoing support to the development team for interpreting requirements and expected outcomes
  • Design tools for data verification and use these to ensure content consistency
  • Create the project plan for implementation projects
  • Work with the Crime Insight Development Manager to ensure that all requirements are properly understood and the necessary resources are assigned
  • Organize meetings between clients and developers as necessary to resolve issues
  • Generate regular status reports

Required Skills and Experience

  • BSc or equivalent (computer science or mathematics would be ideal)
  • 3+ years’ experience working within a software development environment
  • 1+ years’ experience interacting with customers
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
  • Enjoyment for working with numbers
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to envision solutions to problems
  • Ability to voice opinions clearly


Brownie Points

  • Knowledge of the NIBRS data model, used for crime data collection in the US
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel
  • Experience with project management
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, especially SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Ability to understand and manipulate multi-dimensional data models
  • Experience with report-building tools, such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services